Meet Claire and Kevin from Frankston!

Claire and her husband Kevin from Frankston came over to the Born to Knit HQ in Collingwood to drop off a whole suitcase full of knitted blankets for Born to Knit. We were with Claire as she unloaded her donated blankets from her fabulous turquoise suitcase!


How did you hear about Born to Knit?

I heard about Save the Children a few years ago and then read an article in a magazine, so I got my husband to look up Born to Knit on the internet.


Have you knitted before?

My mum taught me how to knit many years ago, but I’ve only been knitting for about 3-5 years.


Why the lapse?

Having children! Haha… Life gets in the way!

It’s good to do something useful when listening to the radio or watching TV. I like listening to a lot of radio, so I always get the clackers out then!


And you like knitting?

I really enjoy knitting, especially the plain stuff. I used the diagonal stich for one blanket, which looks great and is very easy to learn. I tried knitting a jumper for my husband once, but it didn’t turn out too well, so now I mainly stick to blankets and squares.


Well that makes you the perfect Born to Knit supporter! Would you recommend others to get involved with Born to Knit?
Absolutely- knitting keeps arthritic fingers at bay!


Thanks for your time Claire! It was wonderful to meet you, and we hope others will also ‘get their clackers out’ for Born to Knit!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit? We’d love to hear your story! Drop us a line at


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  1. That’s more like it, lovely colour patterns, beautifully knitted. Knitting mostly blankets and squares can be very creative if designed and knitted as well as these ones.

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