Blankets to Red Cross Migrant Support Program


For those of you following the blog over the past three months, you would have already seen that we have distributed hundreds and hundreds of blankets through Save the Children programs around Australia.

With this year’s campaign being so popular, we have been given more blankets then our local programs can cope with.

But not to worry! To ensure that every blanket donated to us is put into the arms of a child in need, we have established a partnership with the local Australian Red Cross Migrant Support Program. The majority of program participants are asylum seekers on bridging Visa’s who are living in the community but are ineligible for many mainstream support services including Centrelink.  Coming from immigration detention, they are unprepared for community life in Australia and have little means to purchase the most basic of goods such as clothing, blankets, bedding and other essential living necessities. This program provides material aid directly to those who are most vulnerable.

Donors should never underestimate the positive impact something like a blanket can have on the mental and physical health of newly arrived migrants.

Both Save the Children and the Red Cross greatly appreciate your wonderful contribution.

Please continue to send the blankets to us as we will continue to distribute these blankets to children in need.

Happy knitting!



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3 responses to “Blankets to Red Cross Migrant Support Program

  1. Isn’t it fabulous that you’ve received so many and secondly that you now have a partner to help distribute the surplus. Congrats.

  2. Cate

    Wow – surplus blankets! I’m so proud of all the knitters and of Save the Children. Can’t think of a better group to receive help than people trying to exist on bridging visas. They have a really tough time..

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