Bake Sale for Born to Knit

Judith Perry came across an article of Born to Knit campaign  in ‘Take 5’ Magazine, and was instantly inspired. She worked in a community of disabled children and adults, and all of them were eager to start knitting. However, they had limited financial resources, and were unable to purchase wool to make the blankets. What they decided was to use the flour in their pantries and organised a bake sale. All the proceeds were then spent on buying wool to make blankets for the little ones.

The Born to Knit team would like to thank Judith and her friends for the ‘heaps of love’ they have shown to our community. Happy Knitting!


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One response to “Bake Sale for Born to Knit

  1. Cate

    What a heartwarming story.

    If Judith needs yarn next year perhaps she should let people know on the blog. Many of us who love knitting have stashes that need trimming. When I am in a yarn shop I feel like a little kid in a lolly shop with my pocket money. Yum – beautiful colours & textures. Oh dear – why won’t the yarn cupboard door close?

    So Judith, next year if you need wool, ask your knitting sisters!

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