Born to Knit 2012 Now Closed

The Born to Knit 2012 campaign has wrapped up. Thank you very much for the thousands of knitted blankets and squares received this year and stay tuned to our blog for updates on the final quantity knitted for 2012, and our blanket distributions.

Please note we can no longer accept donations of knitted blankets and squares, however we will be back again in Winter 2013 where we will resume Born to Knit for the fourth consecutive year.

If you have knitted blankets, clothing or other knitted items to donate moving forward, please contact Knit One Give One:


P.O. Box 2156

Caulfield Junction

Victoria 3161


Interested in Supporting Born to Knit During the Summer Months?

Each year we receive thousands of beautifully knitted squares but we still need volunteers to help with sewing these squares into blankets for children to cherish.

If you or your friends and family would like to help us turning these little gems into blankets, please email us at You will be required to collect squares from Born to Knit HQ directly, as unfortunately we do not have the facilities to post these out to you.

From all of us at Born to Knit, thank you very much for supporting our campaign to provide comfort and warmth to children in need.



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3 responses to “Born to Knit 2012 Now Closed

  1. I’d be more than happy to stitch the squares together but i live in regional NSW, Bathurst so unless you could post them i’m sorry but i can’t collect. Anyway i’ve made a start on next year’s blanket, so that’s something.

    • Hi Katie,

      Thanks for your interest in sewing squares into blankets. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to post these squares interstate, however we are very pleased that you have already started knitting for Born to Knit 2013.

      Keep up the great work, and Happy Knitting!
      The Born to Knit Team

  2. Laura

    Unfortunately I have only just seen this campaign and too late for this year, however I’m getting a start on blankets for next years campaign. What a wonderful gift for children in need. Food, shelter and warmth are so important, something we take for granted but not always readily available to everyone.

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