Knit Kits

Don’t know your knitting needle from your chopstick? Your 8ply from your 4ply? Or your purl from your plain?

Well this year, we have introduced our Born to Knit kits to solve all those problems. The perfect knitting kit to get you started and also a cute little gift pack.

The Born to Knit kits are $9.95 and include:
– A beautiful, soft 50g ball of Patons wool – 8ply, 100% pure new wool
– A pair of 4mm bamboo knitting needles
– Your sewing needle
– A sticker sheet! These are yours to keep as a present to say thanks for helping us.
– A cute little booklet which will take you through all the steps involved in creating a handmade blanket.
– A lovely piece of note paper where you can tell us your thoughts about our campaign.

You can buy the kits for $9.95 on the Save the Children online shop and they are also available from Spotlight, Lincraft and all good knitting stores.


20 responses to “Knit Kits

  1. Mum is 86 and keen to knit a blanket.
    Great for everyone to have a go!!!

  2. R Anderson

    1 ball will not a blanket make! why not sell kits that will?

    • Hi there – we are aiming to encourage as many people as possible to join our knitting campaign. The easiest way to do this was through providing a price & post friendly kit for knitting a square which you can then turn into a full blanket (16 squares) if you have the knitting knack. You only require one set of needles and instructions to get started and then can purchase your own wool from your local craft shop to knit a full blanket if you like. If you are done after one square then you can just post that in. Happy knitting 🙂

  3. hi will get same squares done for you has soon hasi can .it is agreatcompaign this year .dulcie

  4. lisa

    great idea. happy to help.probably do a full blanket but
    was just wondering if there is a date that u need them by

  5. Doris

    Just about to start knitting a blanket – how many balls will I need approx.?
    And when is the last date for the blankets?

    • Fantastic that you about to start a blanket! The number of balls required will differ with the ply of the wool & the size of your needles but approximately 8 balls for a blanket. We are aiming to collect the 15,000 blankets by September. Happy knitting!

  6. Mel Taylor

    Hey, my names Mel and I’m in year 11, just started knitting my first square today 🙂 me and my friends are really excited about it! Got about 9 little knitters doing me squares. Just wanted to say I think this campaign is great and I’m so glad I heard about it!

  7. Sue Melbourn

    I have a big bag of yarn, unfortunately it is Acrylic not wool as specified can I still knit it for the save the children fund.

    • Hi there. We are encouraging people where possible to knit with 100% wool where possible as it is more fire retardant, lasts longer and is warmer. However, we are still accepting blankets knitted from acrylic if that is all you have. Happy knitting! 🙂

  8. Gwenda Cusack

    I have knitted for World Vision via Guardian Chemists for years, but a couple of years ago it finished. I still knit children’s jumpers and matching beanies but have nowhere for them to go. Can I join this scheme and send them to you? I have about 14 jumper/beanie sets and another 12 beanies (using up my bits of wool). I am happy to knit squares or jumper sets – or anything. Hoping to keep on knitting. Gwenda

    • Hi Gwenda,

      We are currently in the process of planning our 2012 Born to Knit campaign which is very exciting! Our main campaign focuses helping children stay warm, comfy and safe with knitted blankets – so any donations of squares or blankets would be greatly appreciated. We will keep you posted with information on our 2012 campaign as it is made available. Happy knitting!

      • Ann Kerley

        We have a knitting group at work and some are keen to participate in the Born to Knit campaign. As we were keen to commence now, could you advise the dimensions of the squares required, needle size, ply for wool etc. Do we sew up our own blankets and where do we send them once completed?
        Kind regards Ann

      • Hi Ann,

        Thank you for your interest in our campaign! We are very happy that you would like to be a part of Born to Knit, however, please note that the campaign is currently on hold as we determine which countries require the blankets. We are asking all knitters of Australia to not send Save the Children any knitted items at this stage.

        Since we launched the campaign in 2009, almost 20,000 blankets have been distributed to newborn children in India, Cambodia and Laos. The reason we have asked for blankets is that they are more versatile (mothers can use them for a number of things), and not size dependent.

        Please keep in touch with updates on the campaign right here on the blog. I will be adding a post with some pictures this afternoon!

        Thank you,

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